Standout to Shine


Often times we come in front of hurdles, challenges or possible embarrassments.  To break through the situation we have to step out our comfort zone and explore or even struggle in an unknown regime for a period of time.  For this very reason some of us choose to stay retreated,  but others take initiatives to come forward, face the problems and create solutions.

It is not the case that those out – standers are not aware of the risks coming with their decisions, actually it is the risk from which they gain their encouragements and enlightenments.  The out – standers like to turn the risks into opportunities, they look around, apply knowns to resolve those unknowns, they create, innovate to tackle the problems which nobody has even heard of.  They fall but stand up again and use the failures as their driving forces to seek for something better.  Once a while they seem to arrive at a dead end, but their willpower support them to go through the darkest before the rising Sun shinning on them.  By the end their work open new paths in previous “wild jungles”, shed light into their and others’ lives.

Only the people who are not afraid of climbing onto limbs can harvest the fruits, only “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do,” (by Steve Jobs).

On my personal path I took some chances to stir my life from the traditional way that I was taught when I was a child.  The way was to set every step of a woman’s life based on the requirements from traditional rules.  The life path would have been pre-defined and comfortable but not interesting.  My decision to take a very different path guided me onto a journey on which I have been learning, striving, falling, growing, succeeding.

I became one of those out – standers, and am standing proudly!




13 thoughts on “Standout to Shine

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