The Serenity in My Heart

Couple of days ago by chance I read an inspirational blog post, Soft Focus. I shared the same path going From Hiding to Blogging.

Photographed by
Photographed by

I used to be scared by
the expressions from others’ eyes
while they were looking at me.

I used to be worried by
the implications in others’ words
while they were speaking to me.

I used to be concerned by
the ideas of me in others’ brain
while they were “educating” me.

I used to refuse to open my heart since
others didn’t favor ME
and hated my uniqueness.

Then I took the first step, and second
to uproot from
the shades of others’ perspectives.

I opened the window
to inhale the calmness sent by sunrise
and to reveal the true happy self!


29 thoughts on “The Serenity in My Heart

  1. And you will take many more steps, some emotional, but mostly mental with this blogging community. You will see that each step here begins with a comment, some sort of feedback, some indication that your thoughts matter and your words have made an impact :). I am so happy for you and your newfound blogging! Check my site out for encouragement and lifestyle blogging at


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