A Flying Bird through Cold

Photographed by http://ivyphotos.smugmug.com/
Photographed by http://ivyphotos.smugmug.com/

A lonely but energetic bird
carrying the red just as hot as fire;
it is flying through icy cold
to emit Warmth to its surrounding.


2 thoughts on “A Flying Bird through Cold

  1. very kewl :)…reminds me of when i go flying on a cold january morning all bundled up out in da wide open soaring with the birds at 22 degrees below zero an still unzippin me jacket as birdz go flying on by! .lol. although snowin now in colorodo like ur backropund..so no fly today, best friend here is a snow shovel an me dogZ :D.very KolorFuL pic^^ ur birdy dere 😎 Happy New YearZ 2 U frum da’ Q


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