To Myself in 2014

We can rewind clock, but can’t turn back time.   It is easy to tear a calendar page, but it is hard to grasp presence.  With a blink of an eye, there is only a week left in 2014!

While looking back, I am feeling grateful on the progresses I had, which I attribute to my hard working and continuous learning.  I am feeling grateful on the obstacles I encountered, from which I have gained more knowledge and strength.  I am feeling grateful on the failures I made, based on which I have set up goals for the next year.

I am especially feeling grateful on the power of forgiveness to help heal a broken heart, for anything which can’t be healed, I have started gradually adapting.

Yesterday, should be completely deleted; today, should be tightly held; tomorrow, should be strived after!

The right, should be persisted; the wrong, should be corrected.

I will always remember no matter how hard I try, I can’t meet the expectations of every individual, as a result, the best thing I stick to is to improve myself and to help make the world a better place.

I will also always remember even though I might not achieve anything significant in my life, still there are people around who admire, respect and love me.  Thus, the only objective I hold up to is to accept others as who they are to build bonds with people around me.

In 2014, I might not have been progressing fast enough, but at least I have never stopped taking steps everyday.  In my mind I might not have well prepared for a brand new year, but I am willing to embrace it with my whole heart!  It is simply because all setbacks have been buried in the past, prosperity is on the way as long as I am moving forward.

While treasuring the last week of 2014, I can tell the world with a great pride that I have tried my best in this year.


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