My “Turkey” Pride

This is in response to photography 101, day 20 assignment – Triumph,

and the weekly photo challenge – Warmth

Photographed by
Photographed by

We had our annual family Thanksgiving gathering last month.  Each family member brought his / her favorite dish.  My contribution was the main course – turkey, which was baked by myself.

Many of you might have thought it was not worthy showing off a turkey, but it took me some time to come up with a courage to volunteer baking a turkey for entire family, since over 20 years living in US it was my first try.

The turkey on the table brought family members with Warmth at this cold Minnesota winter and made them smile, and me proud, of my biggest triumph in 2014!




7 thoughts on “My “Turkey” Pride

  1. Congrats on the turkey! Hope it was just as delicious as it looked! I too have decided to master my very poor cooking skills for 2014 but admit to looking forward to a “better and improved” version of myself in 2015. Thanks for sharing; you rock!


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