Terra Cotta Warriors

This is in response to photography 101, day 14 assignment – Swarm.

Photographed by http://ivyphotos.smugmug.com/
Photographed by http://ivyphotos.smugmug.com/

One of the biggest prides at my hometown, Xi’an, China, is its team of Terra Cotta Warriors.  Every time I was looking at them, I could feel thousands of soldiers matching forward bravely for their goal – to unite China.

The warriors were sculptured over 3,000 years ago, from them we can image the brutal battle fields, the roaring soldiers, braying horses, colliding weapons, and splashing blood……

It represents the most important section of Chinese history – Qin Dynasty, through which China was united into one country.


20 thoughts on “Terra Cotta Warriors

    1. Yes, they were individually designed. Each warrior has a size close to real human, with different armor, hairstyle, facial expression, etc. The underground army was built to protect the first emperor of China after he died.

      Over 200k people were employed to construct the “army”, and they were buried alive afterwards in order to keep the secret of the location of the tomb. The tomb, together with the warriors, was occasionally discovered by local farmers while they were digging a well, in 1970s.

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      1. Was it your hometown! I fell in love with Xian, and I did a couple of post for this great city last year. I noticed that women in Xian are so beautiful!


      2. I grown up at Xi’an, the rich culture there taught me a lot of things in life. It also made me strong before I started my new life at US twenty years ago.

        Xi’an was the capital city for eleven dynasties of ancient China, which made it a must visiting place for anybody going to China.

        I like your comments on the women from Xi’an. 🙂


      3. They are beautiful, stylish, and friendly, may have to do with this great history and culture. What a great pleasure to meet you here, Yan. 🙂


  1. I recently read John Mann’s book on the Terracotta Warriors. Have you read it, Yan? Highly recommended.
    Amy, your comments abut the Xian women will have the Suzhou women jealous – its a bit of a myth in china that Suzhou women are supposed to be the most beautiful….. and “sing like little birds” – not sure about that but that’s how the story goes….
    I love Xian too.


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