Doors vs. Couples



A woman and a man take vows to form a family,
two doors stand in pairs to support this unity.

Two doors under eaves are symmetric,
two people in a family are equal.

But each of the doors has its own pivot,
each of the people has own point of view.

Only one lock is needed to lock the doors safely,
only one destination is needed to keep a family together.

The same color painted on both doors is for harmony,
the same knot tightened on both people is for coordination.

The doors sometimes creak while moving,
the two people occasionally conflicts while thriving.

The doors may decay or deform after bad weathers,
maintenance is required to get back their coinciding state.

The two people may estrange after going through roughness,
understanding is required to gain back trust in between.

Upon severe storm, two doors close simultaneously to protect family;
upon difficult time, two people join together to overcome obstacles.

On arrival of friends, two doors open to offer warm welcome,
on making decisions, two people open hearts to find solutions.

Through the left door the man is leaving to earn living for his family,
besides the right door the woman is standing to wait for her husband.



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