Here is My Hometown – Xi’an, China

This is in response to photography 101, day 1 assignment – Home.

and weekly photo challenge Shadowed

Photographed by
Photographed by

It is the night at Great Goose Pagoda, the place where the Buddha Scriptures are stored.

The picture was taken during the time of 2011 China International Horticultural Exposition, proudly hosted by my hometown, Xi’an.

7 thoughts on “Here is My Hometown – Xi’an, China

    1. I am so glad that you visited my hometown, I am going back to visit relatives there every year. Xi’an was a capital city for 11 dynasties, which makes it very rich in historical treasuries. By the way, have you visited Terra-cotta Soldiers?


  1. I found the terra cotta soldiers beautiful and very interesting historically. I also spent a misty morning walking the city walls, which is a great memory as well. Best of luck with Photography 101!


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