One Thousand Encouragements Along the Way


Yesterday I was amazed by a notification from WordPress that the number of “Likes” at my site has reached at 1,000!

I launched my blog site on July 2013, I felt nervous and hesitant to hit “Publish” in the first few months. I was constantly scanning each post word by word in fear of any funny mistakes, and wasn’t making any connections within communities. I was still in doubt of my English writing skills at the beginning so I published a few posts with my native language – Chinese, since I knew very few people would read them.

By the end of 2013, the average number of views on my site was only three per day, without any “Likes” at all. Starting in January 2014, I joined in Blog 101, Blog 201, from which I learned not only the basic concepts in appearance design, but also powerful techniques to interact with the communities at Blogosphere. Since then I gradually read more and more posts of other bloggers, and even made comments. People began liking my English writings, which meant a lot to me since they presented me with their acceptance and encouragement.

With a full – time job as a data scientist at a bank, I couldn’t fulfill my desire of writing as frequently as every day, but I have been writing at least two posts, as well as reading two books per month. Writing and reading have become a habit on my daily commute between work and home.

After dealing with large volumes of numerical information at work, for me writing and reading are meditation. I already found out that writing is especially useful to summarize my past experiences and the things I have learned from them. It is also a great brain excise, since regardless of the topics, putting the raw thoughts into a logical order and presenting in a concise way are the keys for any good blog posts.

Writing / reading have become one enjoyable part of my life, I truly appreciate those helps and supports from other bloggers. With our clever brains and loving hearts, together we can build a better Blogosphere at WordPress!

3 thoughts on “One Thousand Encouragements Along the Way

  1. Wow, it’s really great to hear about your experience and how positive it turned out for you. I’v had my fair share of similar “negative beliefs” but have also decided to ‘take the plunge”. I guess the reality is not nearly as frightening as we imagine it be.


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