My First Year Roundup

On July 2013, I launched my blog at WordPress by publishing the very first post, I am Ready to Take off.  Even though it was a short one, for me it marked the start to write in public.

Then a few days later, after numerous iterations of reviewing grammars and punctuations, rewriting sentences and paragraphs, I published another post, From an Ancient Capital to the Modern Home of US, to summarize my career path over the past two decades.  The short version of this post was also selected as one of the featured articles on the front page of my employer’s website.  This honor undoubtedly pushed my confidence to a new level so I decided to expand my writing horizon from career – oriented topics to just about every aspect of life.

Being introvert in nature as well as growing up in awkward periods of “cultural revolution” at China, we were taught by our elders that loose lips could turn to against us later (禍從口出).  For the most part of my life I isolated myself from outside world and hid my inner voice from being heard by others.  I gradually realized that a longly and unhappy me was attributed to the lack of connections with other human beings.  However the fear to face the outer world still conquered me, and I waited for it to get off my chest.

By chance I ran across some wise words of Paulo Coelho, “One has to understand that braveness is not the absence of fear but rather the strength to keep on going forward despite the fear.”

Then I decided instead of waiting for fear going away by itself, I would rather build up more strength to deal with it by switching “From Hiding to Blogging“.

As I indicated in About This Blog, writing was also my childhood passion, and supported by enriched experiences coming from two different cultures. The writings during the past twelve months also encouraged me to comb through every detail of old memories and to discover what have actually made current “me”.

Some experiences were painful to look back, they formed the rough spots on the path of my personal development.  After I stumbled over them I became braver to stand taller, and finally to throw away the burden in order to completely emerge from the darkest shade.  The scars left from the old days might never disappear but I can learn to live with them partially through writing.

I re-built my life from ashes over the last two decades, and I am finally blessed with a enjoyable career, and a happy family.   The past accomplishments has built a dream of a more prosperous future.

Writing stories from daily work or life needs not only imagination and creativity, but also a logical thinking and a calm mind.  Thus, I consider writing, together with my regular yoga practice, forms an excellent excise on brain.

According to one of well – known Chinese proverb, knowledge is obtained not only by reading a lot but also by seeing a lot (讀萬卷書,行萬里路).  Thus few years ago, I set up a plan to visit a new place every year.  Last fall, I went to Paris for site – seeings and pleasure of shopping (most was window shopping).  It was a very first time for me to travel alone, and the experience turned out to be a great opportunity of learning how to handle various challenges while nobody I know was around.  After the trip to Paris, I wrote my first travel post – 2013巴黎独行.  

In the early spring my family toured back to my hometown, Xi’an, later I also visited a new place, Taipei, on the way back to Minnesota.  Those two places happened to take top two spots of snack cities at Asia.  No wonder I packed a few pounds during the trip and later had to excise aggressively to get rid of them.

I have used writing as a media to express my emotion toward my family members, such as the latest essay “It Has Been a Decade” to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

Beyond already familiar writing style I also started trying a new writing style, poem.  Some poems were inspired by the outstanding photographs taken by my friend, as “Exploring“, “Brother, Sister and Companions“, “A Precious Smile“, “My Sweet Nest“, etc.  I am proud that many readers “like” them.  Among all poems I have written so far, my favorite poem is the one for my husband’s birthday, “Hand in Hand“.  

As many people, I had surges of emotional waves once a while in my life, and fortunately I experienced the strike of a strongest wave not too long after I started blogging.  I am using the word “fortunately” because the strike made me realize myself in a much deeper way, meanwhile it brought the End of Seeming Endlessness.

This is the roundup of my first year at WordPress.

The important part is that I have been carrying on what I started a year ago – writing.  It is a process not only to look back how our feet were walking along the journey but also to look into how our minds were evolving along the way.  Whatever living experience forms unique individuals, even though different, all precious.

As a result, one of the goals in life is not to change ourself but be more of ourself.

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