No More Contacts Please !

This post is to response to “Daily Prompt: With or Without You”.

Many years ago, still single and pretty, I was in a dating world with a goal in mind to find my soulmate.  I was lucky enough to meet with some nice men, but occasionally couple of freaks who were trying to fill their empty lives just by making others feel uncomfortable.  

As soon as my gut told me that anybody might not be whom I was looking for, I tended to stop the communications with that person and move on.  But sometime it was not as easy as I expected, since those freaks would like to continuously enjoy one – way communications mostly through writings and occasionally through phone calls.  If I believed messages from them became overwhelming, I took terminating action.

The way I used to send out the ultimatum, after determining nothing more to do with a person, was email blocking.

I considered some advantages of blocking emails over other ways of stopping the communications between two persons:

First, it was as convenient as by just inputting the email addresses, from which I didn’t want  to receive any more messages, into security options of the email platform I was using.

Second, it was hassle – free, especially for an introvert person as myself, since there were no more quarrels over phones, or face – to – face, as a result, it eliminated the unnecessary emotional tortures.

Third, it sent out a strong and clear signal of no more writings between “you and me”, letting alone talking over the phone or any other types of interactions.

However, for being respectful of others, I usually sent out the last email with a strong tone to clarify my intentions.  If my last email didn’t work as well as I expected, the email – blocking was in place for an unforeseeable length of period.

I have noticed that this has been the most effective way for me to draw a proverbial line in the sand!

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