A Dream Chaser, A Love “Echo”

Let the youth moment blow your long hair and let it guide through your dream,
Unconsciously, the history of this disillusioned world has memorized your smiles;
A red heart and the blue sky resemble a beginning of a new life,
Endless spring rains over those nights accompany you lie down alone。

Let the fresh – bloomed spring flowers open up your deeply hidden beauty,
The flying things in the sky give the imaginary of your smiles;
Autumn has come and spring has gone in this disillusioned world,
Who is the one arranging all these fates?

Icy snow is silent at night but it hardly covers up your beauty,
Please look at me,
Don’t let your beauty be an empty dream,
Never regret if your beauty fades away;
You’re my forever love!

Let those drifters’ footsteps trace the memory of eternity in the desert,
Endless hand writings hide away your heartfelt feelings,
In the previous and future lives, who is the one arranging all these fates?
Infatuation has doubted my understanding of cares in a profane world。

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