My Reputation as a Knitter


Having been working as a data analyst in a bank for a few years, I feel difficult to let others around me know what I am doing everyday.   Data crunchers are like “outliers” among those traditional bankers.  As a result, I didn’t build any reputation through my analytical skills.

But there came a time when I finally stood out of the crowd!

About a year and half ago, our compliance officer’s wife was expecting.  A group of us got together to offer him a “baby shower”.  A pile of wrapped gifts was placed on a table in the middle of a conference room.  The officer opened the gifts one by one, all of them were purchased based on the gift registry at Target.  When he opened mine, he saw two pieces, one was from Target, another was a baby sweat jacket knitted by myself!

He, as well as all others in the room, was totally surprised.  The little sweat jacket was knitted using very soft yarns especially made for new born babies.  It was designed to be cardigan style which is easily put onto a baby, no any buttons attached with the consideration of choking hazard.

The sweat jacket was passed around from one person to another.  People looked at it with a slight disbelief that it was made by a “nerd”.  After the shower, a lady came to me for the knitting pattern, and also invited me to join a knitting club inside the bank.

A few days later, the officer’s wife wrote a special note to thank me for the sweat jacket.  About a year later, the officer showed me a picture of his 11-month old daughter in that sweat jacket, and told me that his little girl loved wearing and touching it since it was so soft and comfortable.

So far it is still the case that not many people around me understand statistics, financial modeling or regression, then I have not gained any reputation as a successful data scientist.  However, that cute baby sweat jacket has won me a reputation as a good knitter!

26 thoughts on “My Reputation as a Knitter

  1. It’s so sweet. Good on you because any handmade gift is precious and I’m sure the mom of the baby will think so too.

    BTW before I blogged I was a knitaholic. I also had time for crochet and needlepoint. Now I help bloggers (this timethief posting under my other username account).


  2. Enjoyed reading your post and love the idea of a “nerd knitter” also adds to your reputation as someone kind enough to put effort into providing a really personal gift.


  3. How adorable! And, I know how you feel as well. As a writer (and English Major), I love literature, writing and especially reading old texts. Sadly, not many of my friends know about this and even find it boring (okay, I do too from time to time). However, I am known as a crafty person because I like making different things by hand. (And in fact, work as a part time framer at a craft store, where I build frames from the ground up.) But yes, overall, I love your post!


  4. I would say your reputation is not just, or even about being a skilled knitter, although it certainly enters in–but that it is about your being a kind and thought ful person–a person someone can share their child’s picture with, invite to a kniting club…all that says so much more about you. And truth be told, you don’t know–but likely you do have a reputation of being a good sttatistician or accountant to your higher ups, they love havig good, detail oriented people to rely on! Very nice response to the assignment, thanks, Helen


  5. I like the idea of a techie going in for knitting, This craft seems to be enjoying a comeback in the UK. A friend of mine, an accomplished knitter, died recently, I noticed the hearse had a decorative bunting made from knitted triangles strung on a line. and draped round her coffin, A lovely idea. I’ve heard of other hobbies being commenorated on a coffin, eg walking, cycling, fishing – but this is a first time I’ve seen knitting used like this.


  6. Interesting because there is some real synergy between number crunching and knitting. I work with public health statistics by day, but I identify more as a writer and a knitter. Your baby sweater is adorable. I’ve knitted dozens of baby blankets, caps, and sweaters over the years. They always a hit at baby showers, even with people who don’t have babies 🙂
    Happy Knitting!


      1. So that explains it. I know that knitting calms me down and I often feel I’m more receptive when I knit. When I was college, I often brought my knitting to class. To most people’s surprise, I was more an active participant when I was knitting, than when I was not 😉


  7. Awesome post. I made a little wrap for my nephew when he was born and not only was my sister delighted with it, but I was so happy to see him in a picture of it after he was born.


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