What Yon Want to Do vs. How You are Going to Do It

One of my readings during past weekend is in the following link:


The intriguing point of this blog is: “Focus on what you want to do, not how you’re going to do it. ”

Often times, we are scared by the foggy vision and rough road laying between the reality and our dreams.  We can be discouraged by the uncertainties, which may lead to give up our dreams by the end.

Why don’t we stop thinking about what we are going to do tomorrow, next week or next year, and stay present and consider what we can do today?

A new dream is just like a new adventure filled with a lot of unknowns.  Maybe the outcome of our early effort is not perfect, however, any action on the road provides us with the opportunities to learn our shortages, and explore the ways to jump over hurdles by continuously learning.

I have been practicing yoga over the past 10 years.  The instructors always told us do our best and be happy with what we have now.  Even though we have been repeating the same set of postures, each time we discover more about ourselves through going deeper into the practice and the interaction between mind and body.

Let’s do the math:

1. If we make 1 percent progress per day, a year later the accumulated progress will be 37 percent.

2. If we don’t do anything on any day, a year later the accumulated progress will be zero.

3. If we waste 1 percent of what we already achieved each day, a year later we will only have about 3 percent of what we had.

That has said, small but persistent efforts can be remarkable, let’s all focus on what we want and can do today.


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