Start Conversation by Sharing

Here are three of the blogs I  read over this weekend:


The intriguing point of this blog is: “Focus on what you want to do, not how you’re going to do it.  ”  

My comment: I would like to relate this point to my yoga practice over the past 10 years, I have been telling myself to stay present, try my best, always be happy with what I currently can do.  However, I also have been reminding myself to let the practice go deeper every time, and everything will come later.

Do whatever a person can do now to grow strength and knowledge as well as keep dreams alive, eventually the dreams will come true.


This blog told a story that a cardiologist at a age of 50s invented AliveCor box to use smart phone to detect EKG of a person and send the results into doctor’s office for diagnosis.

My comment: The invention told us that it is never too late to go out of comfort zone and think outside the box.  This is another way to keep our dreams alive forever.


The key of this blog is to tell that all babies need schedules for their daily routines, “writers are alike. Although we probably don’t need naps (although there are days…)  we do need a schedule to be our best.”

My comment: Planning tasks based on their priorities can let us always focus on the most important staffs, and taking break between two tasks can help us recharge energy and regain inspiration.  This is true for writers as well as any other professions.

2 thoughts on “Start Conversation by Sharing

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      Nowadays,It’s very hard to focus on your task and priority. There’s so many distraction especially from web and your smart phone 😦


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