Love from a Little Girl to a Piggy

There have been pets at our home since our daughter, Amber, was born.

We used to have two hamsters, two guinea pigs and two cats, each of them was named by Amber soon after they arrived:

  • Hamsters: Digger & Climber;
  • Piggies: Ms. Chocolate (mother), Squeaker (daughter);
  • Cats: Riley (boy), Pip (girl).  

Hamsters and piggies usually stayed in their cages, Amber fed them and played with them before and after school.  Two cats were allowed to walk around the house. Every morning, the cats jumped onto Amber’s bed to wake her up for school, every night they lied down besides her until she fell asleep.

Interacting with those six pets was Amber’s favorite activity since her toddler age.

Unfortunately with the time going Amber’s allergic reaction to feline got worse, her doctor suggested us to send Riley and Pip away.  It was tough decision for us, especially for Amber due to the strong tie between her and her cats.  Finally the two cats went for adoption last year, which undoubtedly caused some emotional distress for Amber and took her several months to get over.

Before long Ms. Chocolate, Digger and Climber passed away due to old age.  Right now, Squeaker became the only pet at home, as a result, Amber has been considering the piggy as her best friend and love the piggy with all her heart.

Yesterday by chance Amber found Squeaker lost one of her front teeth.  Concerning that Squeaker might have hard time to chew on foods, Amber decided to feed her by hand.  She peeled and cut an apple into bunch of small thin pieces, send them one by one in front of Squeaker’s month.


Being so passionate with animals, Amber has decided to study to be a veterinarian after she grows up.


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